Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus (K'LOOP) / Hop-on Hop-off

  • Simple routes, convenient timetable, best choice for exploring Kyoto!
Big news!
The total ridership of K'LOOP exceeded 100,000.
In commemoration of this, the fare are discounted to

1500 yen for adults and 500 yen for children, in July.
(Audio guide receiver rental fee is 500 yen.)

Please take this big chance.

The fare is payable on the bus.
A person who already paid the normal fare will receive the balance between canpain fare.

Kyoto World  Heritage

The only bus system of its kind in Kyoto, K'LOOP allows you the freedom to enjoy World Heritage sites and other important cultural spots at your own pace. Enjoy audio guidance while traveling between stops.
Unlimited hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus.

Visit Kyoto's attractive spots.
Travel between spots in comfort!

Fare: One day unlimited entry/exit pass.
Adult 3000 yen. Child 1500 yen. (Audio guide receiver rental fee is included.)

The fare are discounted to

1500 yen for adults and 500 yen for children, in July.
(Audio guide receiver rental fee is 500 yen.)

The fare is payable on the bus.

Audio guides featuring Kyoto facts and history available in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
English / Chinese / Korean audio receiver rental fee is included above fare as a happy new year present.

  • Bus operations
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

  • Convenient access to:

★World Heritage sites
Kinkakuji temple (Golden pavilion), Ginkakuji Temple (Silver pavilion), Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Toji Temple, Shimogamo Shrine, Nishihonganji Temple, Nijo Castle

★Important cultural spots
Seimei Shrine, Kitano-temmangu Shrine, Daitokuji Temple, Heian Jingu Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple, Sanjusangendo Temple

Kyoto National Museum, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Nishijin Textile Center, The Kyoto University Museum

Kyoto Station (JR, Shinkansen, Kintetsu, Subway)
Nijojo Station (Subway)
Kitanohakubaicho Station (Keifuku Trains to Arashiyama)
Kitaoji Station (Subway)
Shichijo Station (Keihan Railways to Fushimi Inari and Osaka)
(It takes only 5 minutes to Fushimi Inari Station from Shichijo Station. We recommend you to visit Fushimi Inari after enjoying K'LOOP. Fushi Inari shrine open 24 hours.)

  • Route Map
  • The route is designed for convenient access to World Heritage sites, important sightseeing spots, museums and the city center.

    Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus routes map

    1. Kyoto Station, Hachijo Gate (South Gate) JR, Shinkansen, Kintetsu lines.
    2. Shijo Kawaramachi, the heart of the city.
    3. Toji Temple, World Heritage.
    4. Nishi Honganji Temple, World Heritage.
    5. Nijo Castle, World Heritage. Nijojo Station, Subway Tozai(East-West) line.
    6. Seimei Jinja Shrine. Nishijin Textile Center.
    7. Kitano-temmangu Shrine.
    8. Kitanohakubaicho Station, Keifuku trains to Arashiyama.
    9. Kinkakuji Temple, Golden pavilion, World Heritage.
    10.Daitokuji Temple.
    11.Kamo-gawa River and Botanical Garden. Kitaoji Station, Subway Karasuma(North-South) line.
    12.Shimogamo Shrine and Tadasunomori Forest, World Heritage.
    13.Kyoto University and Hyakumanben Chion-ji
    14.Ginkakuji Temple, Silver pavilion, World Heritage.
    15.Heian Jingu Shrine. The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
    16.Chion-in Temple, Maruyama Park and Yasaka Jinja Shrine.
    17.Kiyomizu-dera Temple, World Heritage. Kodaiji Temple. Kiyomizu-zaka and Sannei-zaka.
    18.Kyoto National Museum. Sanjusangendo Temple. Shichijo Station, Keihan railway to Fushimi Inari and Osaka.
    19.Higashi Honganji Temple. Kyoto Yodobashi. JR Kyoto Station, 5 minutes walk.

    • Time Table
    Simple timetable:
    Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus K'Loop timetable

    • Starting points of your trip
    ★Kyoto Station Hachijo-main gate.
    West side of Hachijo-main gate. Platform "E1".

    ★The other stops.
    You can start at any Bus Stop.

    Tickets can be purchased on the bus.